Ethiopia Pays 15% in Advance For Railway Project

Ethiopia has paid 15% in advance to the contractor of the Addis Ababa-Sebeta-Mesiso Railway project in birr and in US dollars according to the Ministry of Transport.

The ministry is overseeing projects to construct 864 kilometers of railway lines in five corridors across the country said Dereba Kuma, Ethiopian Minister of Transport, in the performance report he presented to the House of Peoples Representatives this week.

The MoT is aiming to finalize the design of the railway project in the coming seven month he explained.

The rail design, survey and excavation work on the first phase of the project (317 km) has already been completed said Dereba.

The contractor overseeing the project is already in the process of mobilizing the resources required for the project he noted.

Compensation payment for citizens evacuated from the project area is progressing well including in the area of registering various properties and estimating their financial worth said the report.

In related news the Minister of Transport explained that the ministry is exerting significant effort to reduce deaths associated with vehicular accidents to 40 persons per 10,000 from the 68 persons per 10,000 it is at this time.

The report presented to Parliament by the Ministry of Transport also noted that 254, 400 vehicles had already joined the third party insurance system, while 11,000 kilometers of roads have been repaired and upgraded in the last seven months.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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