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Ethiopian Cabinet to look at Draft Power Tariff Proclamation

A draft energy feed-in tariff proclamation, which lets the private sector to contribute power to the national system, is to be presented to the Council of Ministers by the Ministry of Water and Energy Resources (MWER). The draft bill was prepared and submitted to the MWER by the Ethiopian Electric Agency (EEA).

The draft tariff sets rates for private power suppliers producing electricity from different sources such as wind power, hydroelectric and biomass.

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Pension Fund to Cut 5% of Employee Salary

Permanent employees in the private sector are going to have to contribute five percent of their net salary following the ratification of the private pension fund proclamation on 9 June 2011.

The scheme will go into effect as of 8 July 2011, according to the Private Organizations Employees Social Security Agency.

The collected pension fund will be invested elsewhere in the economy where it will generate the maximum possible profit, Getachew Belay, head of the agency, said. He said that such profit would not be subjected to tax.

Employees working on contractual basis are not covered in the pension fund. And firms that had no provident fund scheme for their permanent employees before the proclamation was enacted will have to join the pension fund.

Source: Capital

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Private Sector Employees to Get Pension

Friday, 10 June 2011

A new bill that allows employees of the private sector in Ethiopia to get pension fees was approved yesterday at the regular session of the Parliament.

Earlier pension bills and directives are revised and brought together by the newly approved pension bill of government employees according to the Social, Legal, Justice and Administrative Affairs Standing Committees.

The new pension bill includes rights of pension, retirement age and related issues. The bill is designed to guarantee stability and social security for employees in the private sector.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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