Business Proclamations and Regulations

New Ethiopian Coffee Directive Retracted

The Ethiopian Ministry of Trade retracted the directive that required all coffee exports to be shipped in container sized bags.

The directive that established the new shipping system has been made null and void according to Kebede Tchaine Minister of Trade speaking to the Board of the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association.

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Ethiopia Passes New Urban Land Lease Proclamation

A new urban land lease holding proclamation was passed by the Ethiopian Parliament last Tuesday.

An amendment made to the previous directive puts all old land possessions under the lease system as per the revised proclamation. The new law has not established whether lease payments will be required on previous holdings or if the new arrangements will just legislate a length of time for ownership according to lease arrangements.

It is expected that the detailed principles for the conversion will be determined by the Council of Ministers as per rigorous investigation to be conducted and submitted by the Ministry of Urban Development & Construction.

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Ethiopian Flower Growers Discontented by New Directive

Ethiopian flower growers expressed their dissatisfaction with the new directive requiring flowers for international export to be measured by the kilogram instead of by the number of stems as previously.

The directive to change the measurement used for flower export was passed by the Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency (EHDA). The agency expects this change to simplify the lengthy processes involved with using flowers stems at unit of measurement for export purposes.

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Ethiopia Investment Proclamation to be Amended

The Ethiopian Investment Proclamation is to be amended for the third time. This legislation has been revised twice since it was passed into law in 2003. It is expected that the current revision will focus on the incentive structure.

A major reason for the revision to the proclamation is apparent loopholes to the manufacturing customs incentive structure according to sources. 

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Ethiopia Tax Proclamations to Be Amended

The Ministry of Finance and Development (MoFED) is planning to revise some provisions of the Ethiopian Tax and VAT Proclamations. MoFED is submitting the two draft laws, as well as Mining Tax and Financial Reporting proclamations to the Cabinet.   

MoFED listed the four proclamations, as the ones it hopes to draft and table, in a letter to the Cabinet two weeks ago. The provisions of the revisions have not yet been made clear. The ministry is seeking for consultants to carry out a study and come up with proposals for the three tax laws.

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Exchange Rates

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EUR 51.8377  50.8213 
GBP 57.1867  56.0654 
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CAD 31.8048  31.1812 
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