Business Proclamations and Regulations

New Law Expected to Boost Ethiopian Investment

The latest amendment to the investment law will enhance investment activities in Ethiopia said the Ethiopian Investment Agency. The new code will offer one stop service for investors particularly engaged in the industrial sector noted the agency.

The amendments will also enable a conducive environment for the development of investment and allow for sophisticated follow up and evaluation processes.

It is to be remembered that the amended law sets the lowest investment capital for international investors at 200 thousand US dollars while joint ventures between Ethiopian nationals and international investors need to meet the minimum investment requirement of 150,000 US dollars.

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Ethiopian Government to Amend Export Incentive Proclamation to Enhance Export

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is preparing a draft proclamation to replace the existing proclamation providing for export incentives ratified six years ago.

 The previous export trade duty incentive scheme is limited to a duty draw back scheme, also known as a zero taxation incentive. The draft export trade incentive law is proposed to offer broad incentives.

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New Law to Regulate Advertisements

The Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives approved a new law to regulate the advertisement sector.

The new law puts into effect a strict content to commercial ratio for both print an electronic media stating that advertisements will not exceed more than 60% of the entire content of a single edition unless the publication is established with the sole aim of disseminating advertisement.

The law also limits engagement in the sector to Ethiopian nationals and foreign nations of Ethiopian descent.

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Ethiopia to Regulate Domestic Leather Market

Ethiopia is set to regulate the hides and skins market through a draft regulation being prepared by the Ministry of Trade. The regulation intended to stop illegal hides and skins trading eventually aims to ban slaughtering animals in the home.

Expected to come in effect in the coming fiscal year the regulations is planned to control all levels of the skin and hide market from Wereda to tanneries. Wereda’s and other units of city administration will be charged with undertaking the business by eliminating middlemen and making the process more transparent according to the regulation.

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Ethiopian Capital to Restrict Lease to Auction

The administration of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is to centralize its land lease auction process and restrict the means to acquire land in the city through auction according to a draft directive being prepared.The directive is expected to implement the latest urban land leasehold proclamation.

The City administration is centralizing the system in favor of the old practice where the city districts had teams preparing lease contracts, handing over land issuing title deeds ensuring that the lease adheres to the contract agreement.

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Exchange Rates

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