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New Labor Bill Expected in Ethiopia

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ethiopia is finalizing a labor bill that is expected to make significant amendments to the existing laws. The new bill could change the labor law in Ethiopia structurally through a range of amendment provisions said sources from MoLSA.

The new bill is being crafted with an aim to incorporate provisions that were not a part of previous labor proclamations according to experts taking part in the drafting process.

The labor proclamation made in 2003, with minor amendments is currently in effect explained Mehari Redai Assistant Professor at Addis Ababa University.

The existing law has received criticism for not incorporating international labor rights conventions, including the employment rights of people with disabilities, combating child labor and establishing minimum wage, which Ethiopia ratified with the International Labor Organization.

The new bill is particularly necessary because several articles have proven to be contentious said Efrem Geletu, an official with the Directorate of Harmonious Industrial Relations at MoLSA.

The bill being drafted will include provisions requiring insurance coverage for workplace injuries unless exempted by a directive and stricter regulations to protect children explained Efrem.  

The new bill generally aims to stress prevention and dialogue by offering a conflict resolution mechanism and social services as opposed to focusing on enforcement as the current labor law does he noted.

The bill is being drafted by a committee which currently has three members according to Efrem who noted that the number of those engaged in drafting the new bill has been four or five at different times.

MoLSA officials held a two day meeting for stakeholders in labor affairs to allow for input according to Efrem.

Source: Addis Fortune