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Ethiopia to Pass Urban Property Registration Bill

A draft bill that will allow the government to undertake door to door land and real property registration will be tabled to the Council of Ministers in the coming January. The registration project is designed to a identify urban land resources and help protect citizens’ rights to land use by developing a complete cadastral map according to the draft bill.

If the bill is passed by the House of Representatives all urban residents will be required to register any property for which they have a land use right. The registration will include all immovable property constructed on the land and will conducted through presenting land deeds, or equivalent proof, to the government body assigned this responsibility.

The government body in charge of the registration will conduct a visual survey of the land to ensure that it is in accord with the tile deed as per the public land information system before issuing a title certificate or book of ownership. Any future claims or disputes in regards to the land use rights will be based on the possession of the certification or books issued at this time according to the draft bill.

It is expected that all land registered at this time will be given a unique identification number which can be used as a pass key to be written on the certificate or book issued and used to access information about the land.

It is to be remembered that the Federal Land and Real Property Registration Agency has already been set up to oversee the registration process in Addis Ababa and is in the process of recruiting staff while  regional counterparts will be set up to administer the property registration system in their area.

Source: Fortune