Ethiopia to Enact Telecom Fraud Legislation

The House of People Representatives of Ethiopia is to enact a new proclamation legislating activities in the telecom sector.

Key elements of the draft law dubbed ‘Telecom Fraud Offenses’ are the criminalizing of unlawful use of telecommunication equipment, interception and access, provision of telecommunication services, telecom charges fraud, illegal telecom operators, call back services and unlawful use of telecommunication services amongst others.

The document defines ‘telecommunication equipment’ as ‘any apparatus used or intended to be used for telecommunications services including its accessory and software.’

The penalties for violating the law are set at 3 months to 15 years of imprisonment and fines ranging from 2500 to 150000 birr.

The new law is a reflection of the perceived security threat from the wide spread telecom fraud according to sources.

The law was prepared by the Information Network Security Agency and was tabled before the House on the 24th of May.

Source: Ethiopian Herald   

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