Ethiopia Sets Up National COVID-19 Resource Mobilization Committee

pm-office-covid-19-committeeEthiopia has launched a national resource mobilization committee tasked with coordinating efforts of gathering financial and non-financial materials for COVID-19 emergency preparedness, the Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia announced in a tweet.

In the tweet, the Office of the Prime Minister noted: "such periods require the effort and contribution of each individual," highlighting the need for collective and concerted efforts to help one another in times of great need as the way to overcome. 

Members of the national committee have donated their one-month salary to the national COVID-19 resource pool, it was learned.

As per the Prime Minister's directive, 184 of the Office of the Prime Minister Office's 289 staff will work from home for the coming two weeks.

Source (Including Image): Office of the Prime Minister - Ethiopia (Twitter)


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