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LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone +251 114 704359/6976
Fax +251 11 4704376
Mobile +251 91 1207310
Business Type Private

S. Sara Coffee Export Enterprise was established on December 2,1994 in Ethiopia as general exporter and on July15,1995 as sole trader by Mrs. Sara Yimer with a capital of birr 500,000.00/equivalent to USD.100,000.00/. The company has vast experience in Coffee export business in Ethiopia. Formerly, the company was a coffee supplier from Yirgacheffe, Borena, Amaro and Sidamo regions by using its own washed coffee pulping and unwashed coffee hulling processing plants and currently it is gradually expanding to major coffee growing regions in the country.

In recognition to its unlimited endeavors and achievement absorbed, the enterprise has been awarded and honored several times for its excellent performance being one of the top 3 coffee Exporter of Ethiopia from his excellency the late Prime Minister Ato Melese Zenawi, by the Deputy Prime Minster and Ministry of trade. 

The enterprise possesses over 12 washed coffee pulping stations at Borena (Souk sub Woreda), Borena (Bilida sub Region), Yiregacheffe, Amaro LiyuWoreda (Kelle sub reigion ), Uoraga (Guji zone), Limmu Yaji, Arusi and Worka, in Southeren Nations and Nationalities region of Ethiopia.

The enterprise, 5 years back leased 500 hectares of land, where Arabica coffee is growing wild with its virgin soil in keffa zone. This farm is located where the whole World believes Coffee Arabica originated and we Ethiopians are proud of saying ”Arabica Coffee Is Ethiopia’s Gift To The World”. Which has enabled us to provide excellent quality to our customers. With its commitment to excellence in quality, widespread marketing network, on time shipment and deep concern for customers satisfaction, the company is justifiably a brand leader in the coffee industry

We export the best Ethiopian Arabica coffee of all categories which include:


  • Yirgacheffe Grade 2 
  • Sidamo Grade 2 
  • Limu Grade2 
  • Bebeka Grade2 
  • Lekempti Grade 2
  • Teppi Grade 2


  • Sidamo Grade 4
  • Lekempti Grade 4&5
  • Djimmah Grade 4&5
  • Haraar Grade 4

Quality is our special attention; the quality of our coffee is tasted by grading in counting defects and by tasting. Due to these rigorous quality inspection the customer receives high quality coffee that is rich in body, aroma and with unique natural highland flavor of coffee. In addition, we prepare various blends based on our customer’s request.

New single jute bags of 50 Kg or 60Kg net of coffee are packed and shipped unless otherwise specified by the buyers. We ship via the port of Djibouti which entertains a number of shipping lines with regular calls to the most Europeans, Far East, Middle East and North America Ports.

The enterprise is filled with a group of efficient, dependable and sincere professionals, who are graduates of highest learning institution with M.A AND B.A Degree in different and compatible disciplines and our professional staffs have several years of experience in different capacities. 

We are always there at your service to any questions, opinion and comments you may have about our products. Please don’t hesitate to do so.


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