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Ro-V Catering and Restaurant

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Ro-V Catering and Restaurant

Family owned and operated since 2004, Ro-V Catering and Restaurant is your one stop solution for your catering and event planning needs. Inspired by our late younger brother Robel and his vision, we started a journey of serving people ten years ago in our strategically located Ro-V Bar and Restaurant. Since then we have gained tremendous experience and positive reputation from our customers. We have developed as one of the best restaurants in the city of Addis Ababa and are known for our quality and consistent humble service. Since then, we have grown to become not only a popular restaurant for quality and affordable dining experience but also the nation’s favourite catering company offering indoor and outdoor catering services for customers of all sizes. In the past five years we have grown rapidly with the support our parent company August PLC, to offer intermediate services complimentary to our catering services.
We are the best company to effortlessly deliver the sort of catering needed to take your event from special to truly memorable. Whether it is an intimate dinner for two, a backyard wedding, or a championship celebration, Ro-V creates custom menus that can shape your event experience. From unique delectable edibles, to serving a crowd, Ro-V is ready to make your experience unforgettable. Our specialty cuisine we serve is perfect for your event, and it will add a touch of delight, fun or elegance.

Who We Are 

The survival of any business is determined by three factors that have to work in tandem; product, price and delivery time. No one can emphasize enough the importance of a highquality product that is competitively priced and delivered to a customer at agreed time frames.
To achieve this, we constantly offer an amazing customer service that is characterised by reliability, honesty and integrity.

We are Ro-V Catering & Restaurant company.

Be it a large-scale hospitality and corporate function; to intimate entertaining at home - we provide an unforgettable and beautifully  presented food, served with care by our friendly, trained, experienced and professional staff. Each client is uniquely important to us. We work closely with our customers to ensure every detail is correct. Our aim is to deliver customer satisfaction through high quality food, and top-class service, at competitive and affordable prices

What We Do

We are currently managing Ro-V Bar & Restaurants, which have existed predominantly in Addis Ababa for over a decade. We also provide distinguished catering services irrespective of the size and type of event. Our services can be tailored for private and corporate functions or events – dining services for small exclusive gatherings or large, high profile celebrations. We are also your partner for events planning.

We will create the event you have dreamed about for your special day. Our catering team of staff are experienced; well-trained and highly professional who are always friendly and courteous. For each unique event we look for the right ingredients, the perfect decoration, and the creation of that special atmosphere that will make your party a memorable success. By dedicating ourselves to knowing our customers and their needs we provide services that build sustainable working relationships based on
mutual trust, understanding, honesty and confidence


Private Consummates

From birthday parties to weddings, anniversaries to ethnic celebrations, our team is sure to guide you through the food selection, concept that meets your requirements and budget. Every detail will be taken care of, thus making your event a memorable one for yourself and the guests. Our services extend to Dome Settings, Standard Buffet Spread, Ethnic Buffet Spread, Contemporary Buffet Set, On-Site Preparation & Children Settings

Distinctive Weddings and Bridal Showers

We offer personal attention in planning your wedding, we will work with you to find the perfect location, develop a customized menu and wine program that will be perfect for your special day. Whether a couple chooses a traditional ceremony or customized extravaganza, our team will move heaven and earth to ensure that your wedding is nothing short of perfection. We provide wedding catering at any time of the year whether you choose our venue at 6 kilo which is capable of hosting around 300 guest or any choice of your venue. What we will make sure is we will tailor our service according to your need and budget without compromising our test and quality of food and service.

Birthdays and Private Parties

We give special attention to birthdays and we effort to make it a moment to remember for your child as it's a special day.
We take of all activities a birthday needs starting from decoration to candles and cookies, cocktails to special birthday cakes.

Dinner Parties and Cocktail Receptions

Let us create a truly customized Ro-V Catering experience in the comfort of your own home or our 6 Kilo venue or your preferred venue.
Whether you are entertaining a party of 12 or 300 or more, we will create an experience that will simply be unmatched. Our 6 Kilo out door restaurant is the best place to take out your guests for lunch and dinner with its beautiful natural look your guest will definitely enjoy your choice.

Corporate Services

Planning closely with an eye for details, we will formulate food selection and innovative concepts to suitthe corpora te objectives and event requirements to make sure the event is an excellent one. Our corporate services include – Factory Cafeterias / Canteens, Corporate Cafeterias / Canteens, Event Launches, Seminar & Conferences, Road Shows, Conventions, & School Oriented Functions.

Drop Off Catering and Corporate Events

Ro-V Catering is the perfect solution when time is tight and you are trying to impress a client. We provide complete menu solutions that make setup (or drop off) incredibly easy. "Working" lunches will never be the same! Whether you are in need of spectacular boxed lunches, a beautifully presented buffet or if you are hosting a special reception and require a fully catered affair, our professional catering team will seamlessly put forth a spectacular event leaving you with nothing to worry about! We await our corporate customers for any work-related refreshment service with all range of refreshment and buffet services whether they host training for employees, promotional meeting, get together party, farewell party, celebratory party,
seminars, or conferences.

Other Services

Event Spaces

Our venue at 6 Kilo is capable of hosting around 300 guests and we can assist you in finding the perfect space for your event or simply get you in touch with our sources that can help you get precisely what you need.


The creation of a great menu always starts with a search for the right ingredients. This is why we use only the freshest seasonal  ingredients to create our innovative recipes. Be it 50 or 2000 guests, we work with our clients to provide the most suitable menus.

Service Staff

Black tie or casual, we can provide you with an experienced staff that includes waiters; bartenders; culinary chefs; and event directors.

Equipment Rentals

We can provide full rental services for your next event. Dishes, coffee cups, tables, chairs, linens, coffee urns, chafing dishes and utensils.

Flowers, Décor & Entertainment

We can provide them through our florist or yours! We
also can provide all your audio visual, lighting, décor and entertainment through our sources.


A Class Above

Ro-V serves customers and client on wide array of services, regardless the industry sector. Our capabilities have been developed through years of experience providing solution, classy dining experience, and an exquisite tasting ethnic food variety. Our catering services are focused on the issues most important to our customers and clients.

Local Knowledge

Extensive experience and capability in managing various catering projects locally, our technical qualified staff and detailed knowledge inclined superiors makes sure the ideas and development implemented in all our catering projects and tasks. Our experienced Customer Service personnel are able to effectively communicated and interact with our Customers thus making their event a smooth, hurdle less process.

Our Vision

To keep improving our competitiveness by applying value adding innovations to our services for competitive edge over the competition and thus to be one of the best catering company in Ethiopia. Ro-V will provide every client a custom experience with quality ingredients and quality service. It is our vision to become a one-stop solution for all your catering and event’s needs.

Our Mission

To feature as a benchmark in the service of high-quality customized catering services that are designed to provide delightful culinary experiences directly proportional to the needs of our clients. Carrying the very essence of serving we aspire to deliver consistent service and delicious foods keeping our promise to make every event memorable. It is the mission of Ro-V Catering to use the finest ingredients to prepare tasty, made-from-scratch products for our clients. Innovative recipes and event planning styles will complement the healthy and flavourful products tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. We believe the key to our
success is to never settle for mediocrity. We also acknowledge that our reputation relies on our client’s satisfaction. We care about getting to know you and offering personalized service.

Our Values

  • HEALTH: Our food and beverages are prepared from the finest ingredients. We create innovative dishes that are full of flavour and nutrition. We provide alternatives for dishes that are typically indulgent, but based on client needs we can create dishes using any method requested.
  • CUSTOMER INDIVIDUALIZATION: It is our goal to provide each and every customer with an experience tailored to their wants and needs. We are able to do so by preparing every dish from scratch and providing ample planning time with our client to understand their needs. We create dishes specific to events and go beyond a standard menu of items/services to choose from.
  • INTEGRITY: This can mean many things to our clients. Each event we cater will have all details executed by our team. The client will always enjoy their event as they can be assured all details will be followed through by Ro-V. Services from entertainment, bartending, and clean-up will be executed by the Ro-V team. What is agreed upon between client and company will always be delivered upon


Ro-V Bar & Restaurants 

Ro-V Bar and Restaurants has been a popula destination for Addis Ababa’s diners for offering a variety of traditional and international cuisines with unmatched customer services. We’ve been local’s favourite for years and plan on staying that way but always love to meet new people from all over Ethiopia and overseas. Young or old, business people or vacationers, tourists or Ethiopians, professionals or students – there is something for everyone. Our expansive menus of delicious dishes coupled with our warm and inviting atmosphere are exactly what every guest looks for in a perfect restaurant!

Whether you’re in the mood for pasta, pizza, burgers, steak, fish, kitfo, tibs, raw-meat (kurte), vegetarian/fasting, or simply you want fresh coffee from our café or traditional one served in Ethiopian style or maybe a red wine or cold beer after a hard day of work, you’ll find it all at Ro-V’s Bar & Restaurant, located in 6 Kilo near the American Embassy with our excellent services and affordable rates. We are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop by and give us a try, promise you won’t be disappointment.
Currently apart from our two restaurants at Mexico and 6 kilo we have a restaurant coming up at Karakore.
We also have three canteens at Ethiopian Airlines employees’ main cafe, MRO and Aviation. We also operate similar canteen at Ethiopia ATA.

Ro-V Catering

Organizing an event is not an easy task. With more on your plate, the last thing you need is extra stress when securing your event’s venue, decorators, and catering service providers. Fortunately, Ro-V´s catering service has one stop hassle free event solutions including decoration and event halls for personal, family, company or group events. We have a wide range of choices for every event and situation. Depending on your needs/requirements, from small groups to big ones, indoors or outdoors, at our venue or your choice location, there is no event that Ro-V catering can’t handle. We offer a catering menu which is a basic break down of offerings but we have the ability to provide you with what you’re looking for while the whole time trying to stay within your budget. From traditional food and international cuisine and different vegetables/salads to selection of cakes, drinks, and so much more, we offer an impressive menu sure toplease even the pickiest eater of the night. Catering with our team is completely  headache free! All you need to do is place the order; we’ll take care of the organization, set-up, and food for you! Our end goal is always your complete satisfaction!
Our catering team operates mainly from our 6 Kilo catering kitchen which is established for catering service purpose. At 2600mq area the facility comprises venue capable of hosting around 300 guest, outdoor restaurant, bar and kitchen for European and traditional catering purposes.


  • Ethiopian Airlines (ET), serving more than 10,000 people per week
  • Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA), serving more than 7,000 people per week
  • Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce, serving for training daily around Mexico and Lideta
  • Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association
  • East African Standby Force
  • GIZ
  • EAI Automotive Expo Ethiopia
  • PCDP Ministry of Federal and Pastoralist Development Affairs
  • ETHIO Jobs (Info Mind Solution)
  •  Ethiopian Water Technology Institute
  • AB-HAM Enterprise PLC
  • WSG / Hope for Children
  • ETHIO Telecom
  • People in Need
  • Rwandan Community in Ethiopia
  • Goethe-Institut in Ethiopia
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • Sandos
  • Amba Pharmaceuticals PLC
  • Marie Stopes Ethiopia
  • Lion International Bank
  • 54 Capital (Tena Zeyit)

Best Catering Services

Having an elegant style of catering, Ro-V offers services that can be tailored for various types of events. Offering an extensive menu for corporate and private occasions, Ro-V has provided catering services to numerous esteemed clients in Addis Ababa. You’re invited to Taste our Reputation!

Service Offering Overview

Ro-V offers catering services based on agreed terms of contract between us and the customer; and we make sure our part of the contract is well executed by always placing high premium on our customer’s satisfaction. For this service, food is prepared by our team of well qualified and experienced caterers and supplied to customers from our spacious and hygienic Ro-V Bar & Restaurant located at 6 Kilo to the customer’s preferred location where the food is served or dished out. Currently, we offer catering services with banquet settings and pre-packed meals based accordingly on client specifications. We also offer Cafeteria Services where companies which have their own canteens and kitchen may seek our services and our team of well qualified and experienced caterers will cook from their company’s kitchen and serve staff at their canteen. We take orders for all occasions and depending on the customer’s specifications, we provide services like buffet, cocktail etc. We also provide rental of catering equipment such as serving dishes, Chafing Dishes, Ice Chest and Chillers, Cutlery Sets and Plates among others to individuals, groups and companies which may seek that service.

We use only the finest and most fresh ingredients set at a higher level of standard in our preparation of delicious food. Our vision is to be able to consistently provide an extraordinary culinary experience for our customers far beyond their expectations. Our mission is to consistently provide clients with quality food at reasonable prices and to provide a service that is suitable according to their needs. This is accomplished through well supervised processes as we prepare our fine dishes and delivered to our customers promptly and efficiently.



A browse through some of our menus will give you an idea of some of the choices on hand that can be tailored to suit your requirements or events. Bring us your dish and we will return it filled with delicious delights. We can also help you to select the menu from our list in order to suit your requirements. We have created a menu with a variety of popular dishes that we hope will meet your requirement. Items included are soups, salads, pasta, main courses, Ethiopian traditional foods, desserts and refreshment options.


Soup Type

    •  Chicken Soup
    • Vegetable Soup
    • Minestrone Soup

Refreshment/Reception Option

    • Meat Ball
    • Finger Fish
    • Mini Pizza
    • Chocolate Cake
    • Slice Cake
    • Spring Roll
    • Bread Toast
    • Soft Cake
    • Coffee Mouse
    • Slice Chees with Fruit/Cranberry Cut
    • Mini Donut
    • Mini Bonbolino
    • Marble Cake
    • Fruit Cut
    • Chocolate Cake
    • New York Cheese
    • Hazelnut Cake
    • Charlotte
    • Cream Bavarian
    • Chocolate
    • Tart
    • Flan

Pasta Favourites

    • Penne Eggplant
    • Tomato and Eggplant, Mushroom Sauce
    • Penne Vegetable, Tomato, Bologna Sauce
    • Penne Pesto (Basil, Olive Oil, And Cheese)
    • Cheese Stuffed Ravioli
    • Meat and Cream Sauce
    • Cheese Stuffed Ravioli
    • Cream and Vegetable Sauce
    • Beef Stuffed Ravioli
    • Meat Cream and Basil Sauce
    • Tortellini Verde/Green Tortellini
    • Spinach and Cream Sauce

Premium Baked Favourites

    • Cannelloni Di Ricotta (Crepes Stuffed with Cottage Cheese and Spinach)
    • Beef Lasagna
    • Baked Fish Ravioli
    • Eggplant Parmigiana


    • Chechebesa
    • Kinche
    • Lasagna
    • Friedegg
    • Alicha Firfir
    • Key Firfir Tibes
    • Toasted Bread
    • Samosa Stuffed with Rice
    • Muffle Cake
    • Slice Bread
    • Marmalade
    • Margarita
    • Boiled Egg

Salad Favourites

    • Green Salad
    • Chicken Salad
    • Greek Salad
    • Tuna Salad
    • Beef Salad
    • Russian Salad

Main Course Favourites

    • Fish Goulash
    • Goat Meat Tibes
    • Grilled Fish
    • Beef Tongue
    • Roasted Veal
    • Roasted Chicken
    • Fried Fish
    • Chickena Tibs
    • Roasted Lamb
    • Beef Stroganoff
    • Beef Cutlet and Others

Ethiopian Traditional Food

    • Doro Wet
    • Minced Kitefo
    • Yebeg Alicha
    • Tibes Wet
    • Dorowet
    • Lebelbe Kitefo


    • Miser Wet
    •  Shiro
    •  Shibera Asa Wet
    •  Denech Alicah Wet
    •  Kosta
    •  Foselia
    •  Gomen Kitefo
    •  Keysire
    •  Seljo
    •  Mutecha
    •  Seneke Karia
    •  Rice
    •  Kekewet
    •  Sufe Fetefit
    • Timatime Kurte



First Option (Platinum) We have all the necessary logistics and facilities that will enable us to undertake the service. We provide
the logistics needed for the companies we are supplying. However, if the company has some of the facilities, we augment it if it is not enough to undertake the service. If they don’t, we provide the necessary logistics that will enable us serve them better. We have the following facilities available Velvet Venue (hosting capacity of 300), Chafing Dishes, Ice Chests, Cutlery Sets, Plates, Drinking Glasses, Burners, Oven, etc..


    • Greek Salad • Russian Salad


    • Steamed Rice
    • Roasted Potato
    • Ravioli
    • Lasagna


    • Tire Kitefo
    • Lebeleb Kitefo
    • Gomen Kitefo
    • Ayib Begomen
    • Ayib Bemitemita
    • Ayib Benech
    • Kocho Key And Nech


    • Doro Wet Key
    • Doro Wet Alicha
    • Keye Wet
    • Alecha Wet
    • Minchet Abish Key
    • Minchet Abish Alicha
    • Gomen Besega
    • Tripa


    • Meat Ball
    • Finger Fish
    • French Fries
    • Persely Biscuit
    • Dinech Aresto
    • Springroll Stuffed with Rice
    • Sambusa
    • Roasted Potato


    • Assorted French And Italian


    • Fruit Cuts
    • 3 Pastry Chef Selection Cakes


    • Shiro Wet
    • Miser Wet
    • Alicha Keke Wet
    • Shinbera Asa Wet
    •  Denech Alicha
    • • Rice with


    • Foselia
    • Sufe Fitefite
    • Sineke Karia
    • Selejo
    • Minced Key Sire
    • Percely Biscuit
    • Fried Zekuni


    • Cup Cake
    • Mini Pizza Fasting
    • Mini Pizza Non-Fasting
    • Meat Steak
    • Fried Chicken
    • Fish Finger
    • Fish Kebab
    • French Fries
    • Meat Ball
    • Mini Doughnut
    • Mini Bonboino Fasting
    • Spring Roll Stuffed with Veg
    • Spring Roll Stuffed with Rice
    • Samosa with Meat
    • Samosa with Veg
    • Mini Burger


    • Soft Drinks
    • Ambo Mineral Sparkling Water • Bottled Water


We have a standardized price for the various dishes shown in the menu. Our Price is determined by current market conditions of transportation cost and prices of foodstuffs (Production Cost). Therefore, prices may be reviewed intermittently and agreed upon through consultation and dialogue with our clients if market determinants of prices change over time. However, customers who are unable to meet the price offered may be given a negotiating chance to provide them with meals that will suit their proposed budgets and taste. In order to maintain a satisfied client base, we have designed a price structure that is differentiated to accommodate various levels of affordability. Undoubtedly, you can count on the kindness of our fee structure. It is, however, our passion for great food and commitment to excellence that make us the ideal service provider to partner with you for your next event!

Follow these 10 easy steps to plan your event with Ro-V Catering:

  1. Determine a range of guests expected to attend
    • Food options, space available and dates are all effected on the number of guests that could potentially attend your event.
  2. Choose a date and time
      • Hours of operation vary based on date and time of year. If you would like to plan an event that is not specifically in our regular operational hours please ask your event planner for more details.
  3. Contact our catering manager to begin the contractual stage.
  4. What style of dining are you looking for your event?
    • Whether it be a rehearsal dinner, birthday party, bridal shower or any occasion we can customize the menu how you would like it. But first you should pick your “dining style”. Dining styles are: Buffet, plated station or combination of the three.
  5. Will there be alcoholic beverages provided at this event?
    • There are 3 different options to organize your bar:
    • Limited Menu, Open Menu, or Open Bar Packages.
  6. Could we provide any additional services besides your food, beverage or service needs?
    • Following are a list of additional services provided: Linens, Flower Bouquets, Table Decorations, & Rentals.
  7. Create the contract.
    • Our planners will walk you thru every detail for the contract and supply an estimated cost.
    • Review and modify as many times as needed.
    • Final changes must be complete 2 weeks prior to the event date.
  8. Provide your deposit.
    • Deposits range based on the contract and specifics to the party.
  9.  Complete the contract.
    • Determine the final head count and finalize all details

AB Zone Building F5/101, Urael Area, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
April, 2019
Ro-V Bar & Restaurant , KK , W.6 HN.168, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Contact Office: Morning Star Building F3, Bole Medhanealem, Addis
Ababa, Ethiopia

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