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Shadeim Media Communication & Event Organising PLC

LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mobile +251-911-678929
Mobile 2 +251-911-179889
Shadeim Media Communication & Event Organising PLC

Shadeim Media Communication & Event Organizing PLC is a lawfully legal company involved in media communication consultancy and in organizing different events in Ethiopia. What makes us unique is that we have various professionals in the field working with us;we also provide different options for the industry.

Radio and TV Advertisements: Shadeim involves in making advertisements for companies. For companies whose need is a vast coverage on the media, we take full responsibility in coining the media program, covering all the necessary expenses in that regard & giving the company involved one to two months relief of making necessary payments. For example, if the total expense that a company is exposed to for advertising it’s products/services for a one minute spot on various TV and radio stations is 100,000 birr (hundred thousand birr), Shadeim Media Communication will cover that amount.

“Life is Good” Radio Program

Air Time: Monday from 01:00 p.m.-03:00 p.m. & Tuesday from 10:30a.m.-12:00 p.m.

We all wish to follow a simple and exciting way of life in our day to day encounters. We strive to accomplish this wish in various ways.We always strive and look for ways to make our school, work place, marriage, family, love life, health & different aspects of our life to be a success. When our trials and wishes are backed with the necessary knowledge and information, we enjoy the taste of the blessings life has to offer. We sync with flow of life, rejoicing in the tune of “life is indeed sweet!”, keeping in mind that our healthy and happy life today determines our tomorrow.

“What more happiness than composing a program on life and it’s blessings” was the initial thought of Shadeim Media Communication when the program “life is good” started airing on Fana Broadcasting Corporate for the last 5 years.

Amongst the broadcasts made on Fana Broadcasting Corporate, “Life is Good” is one of the most tuned into and loved program. The program is designed in a way that enables people to master the wisdoms needed to live a full and happy life. Hence, the contents of the program which focus on practical informations, lifestyle tips and skills, and overall in providing tips on how to live a happy life, it is attracting a wide range of listeners. With this spirit we have a long way to go.

“Life is Good!” Radio Program on Fana FM 98.1

Fana 98.1 is currently working to grow its FM stations to 20 and also thriving towards introducing a TV broadcasting station in the near future. It is for the reason of high reach to listeners and it being influential in the media industry that Shadeim Media bought airtime from Fana Broadcasting and has been broadcasting “Life is Good” to the public for the last 5 years.

Contents of “Life is Good”

The general content of our program being broadcasted on Fana FM 98.1 which airs every Monday from 01:00p.m.-03:00p.m. and Tuesday mornings from 10:30a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Focuses on making life easy and leading it in a simplified way. We have a strong belief that perception and attitude towards life is all that matters.

Our Health with Our Food

This section of the show focuses on the effect of healthy eating has a positive impact on health. To our society, unlike health issues it is known that other informations are prone to reach listeners widely. In the developed countries where health infrastructures are at a higher level of technological advancement and a high level of skilled man power in the sector, issues of health are given a high priority. It is not expected from a patient to run to a hospital each time he/she feels pain and waste his/her precious time in the process. As the minor or major side effects of medicines is given high consideration, doctors abroad advise their patients to include much more fruits and vegetables in their diets. Newspapers, magazines, radio & television programs in developing countries give due attention to health issues. These platforms collect questions from individuals with health issues and give out the necessary solutions. TV and radio broadcasts allow live communication between participants and the specialised doctors to solve their health issues easily. And the society in turn, is very interested to find out about the various informations on different health issues. In general at “life is good” radio program, we provide up to date health related information backed with scientific findings. By also consulting health officials, we deliver a brief account of health related information.

Law ”ChilotSikefet”

This section enables us to be informed of different case stories in lawful situations, so we can lead our lives in a profitable and ensures we don’t get in a situation where we will be held accountable for a situation we are not fully aware of. Law is a tool that involves in our day to day encounters and is executable in every endeavour. When intellect advances and change occurs in various social and economical aspects, it is inevitable that issues related to law will arise in a given situation. Hence, understanding the basics of law which are related to our daily encounters is a must in today’s society. As law should not be something that is imposed but a guideline to live by, it is a known fact that its practicality does not only apply to lawyers/judges but also to individuals in a society. At “life is good” we generally presentlaw related information based on listeners’ questions by professional consultants in law.


One of the most vital aspects that an individual should know of running start ups or business people who are already up and running is the skill and ability of coming up with different business strategic plans. With the current intensity in the pace at which our world is constantly changing, it is a must to keep up with trending business strategies and management styles as well as skills and knowhow on how to proceed in business.

With the advise of our business consultant, our program enables individuals who wish to pursue their careers as a businessman or those that are already running things, our listeners will be given helpful insights on how to be more profitable and successful in their endeavours. Generally, the following are covered in our business program;

  • Upto date business trends,
  • Small start up business ideas,
  • Profiles of our country’s successful people,
  • Exemplary presentations on people who have made it to the top from scratch,
  • Focus on young entrepreneurs are some of the issues covered.


The rate at which the technological advancement of the world is traveling at is fascinating in the 21st century. On technology program focuses on providing solutions to problems that arise repeatedly on our cell phone devices. With the help of our computer science geniuses, the programs provides information on the various. Technological advancements that arise in different versions of our smart devices. In addition to the program broadcasted on radio, updates on technology are posted on our Facebook page regularly.


Various entertaining aspects of life both from local and abroad sources is presented.

“Life is Good” Presenters

  • HenockYirga: Degree in journalism as well as a diploma in computer science and is the main producer of the program.
  • AbinetTekle:Masters in food science from Pastor Food Science Institute. One of the few food science experts in our country.
  • FabenGetachew:Masters in food science and is currently working with AbinetTekle on Tuesdays.
  • WelelaAshebir: Degree in journalism and a nurse by profession. She is currently contributing her input on health and food aspects of the show.
  • TesfayeMigbar:Insurance expert from Ultimate Insurance Company and is currently working on the show as a business consultant.
  • BereketEngidaworq: A young computer science expert specialising in smart phones and computer information. Much of our listeners applaud him for his excellent presentation skills.

“Life is Good” the program that these young and confident journalists and experts have made attractive and presentable to listeners is what the organisation takes pride in the most.

My Wedding Day

Our company also prepares a wedding guide magazine. The magazine published every three months, is helping in being a bridge between wedding planners and suppliers of wedding services. As the magazine is distributed free of charge it reaches more people. It’s distribution of the magazine is widespread in America, Atlanta making things easy to love birds who wish to marry in their hometown Ethiopia, by providing valuable information in that regards.


Shadeim media has workedbeing media partner with various film producers in the promotional aspect. In addition to this, it has produced a romantic comedy movie by the name “QezqazawTorinet”.

Additional services of Shadeim Media Communication include:

  • Event organising,
  • Organising exhibitions/bazaars,
  • Company magazines to be printed either quarterly,semi-annually or annually as per the need of the company,
  • Liscenced from Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate to carry out activities involving media communication.

Media Capacity

  • Up to the standard office
  • Over 5 studio microphones
  • 7D 5D Mark III camera
  • Universal 8 channel stereo mixer /mx-8Fx/
  • Highly organised and modern sound recording studio
  • High capacity desktop and laptop computers
  • Max professional light, sound, neck microphone, zoom recorder
  • 3 marantz PMD620 professional hand held field recorder

List of Movies that Shadeim Media Partnered

  1. 400 Fiqir
  2. Lamba
  3. FiqirenaGenzeb
  4. YewededuSemon
  5. TsinuFiqir
  6. Almaze
  7. Engineerochu 2
  8. YetefawLij
  9. Astaraqi
  10. YetsehayMewchaLijoch

Events that Shadeim Media Partnered With

  1. Aurora Event’s music festival (Busy Signal Concert)
  2. AbduKiar Concert (2008) at Laphto Mall
  3. A+ “Fegeg bey Addis” Concert
  4. Ozzie Hotel Show for the last 4 years
  5. African Livestock Exhibition and Conference (ALEC)
  6. Jorka Event (Lij Michael Concert)
  7. In association with the National Blood Bank, annual Valentine’s Day blood donation ceremony


Visit to find out more about this company and other 5,000 business.
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