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Hambon General Trading PLC

LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone +251 11 2758423
Fax +251 11 2758423
Mobile +251 91 1215183
Mobile 2 +251 95 8002120
Mobile 3 +251 93 002676
Business Type Private
Hambon General Trading PLC

Hambon General Trading PLC is a well known importer of trapaulin products, canvases, tents, camping equipment, sleeping bags, foam matters, floor mats, field chairs, field beds and different products of canvas in Ethiopia.

Our Products are:

  • Long lasting and quality floor mats are available
  • The quality and comfort of our sleeping bags are highly appreciated
  • The quality and comfort of the field chairs are highly recognized by our customers
  • Field beds which are comfortable for health are available
  • We provide a service in designing and connecting different products of canvas
  • Canvas which protect heavy truck cars from wind and rain are available
  • We provide canvas and plastic covers for recreation areas
  • Bags made up of canvas with different designs are available
  • We provide Sleeping Bags and Foam Matters
  • We provide different heavy truck canvases
  • Phone mattresses made up of plastic and leather are available
  • Carpets made up of plastic and fur are available
  • We provide different canvas for making tents
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