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TNT Chemie Enterprise

LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone +251 11 3206058
Fax +251 11 3205250
Mobile +251 91 1220944
Kebele 9
House Number 1166
Business Type Private
TNT Chemie Enterprise

TNT Chemie Enterprise is an Ethiopian company which is engaged in producing solvents (thinners), Importing chemical raw materials as inputs for producing solvents, Working as commission agent for firms overseas - liaising foreign companies specializing in chemical manufacturing  and exporting. TNT Chemie Enterprise is a private company specialising in creating solutions for applied thinner problems for various industries.

As a business running, it has commenced its activities in 2003. Since then it has been importing, formulating, and distributing intermediate chemical products for various government and
private factories that use them for producing end products for public consumption.

TNT Chemie has legal personality and is a private company, registered as TNT Chemie Enterprise (TIN: 0001158626), to pursue its activities segmented into three major units:
Production Unit, Import Unit, and Foreign Trade Auxiliary Unit:

1. The Production Unit
This unit concentrates on producing solvents (thinners) and carries out the following activities:
Importing chemical raw materials as inputs for producing solvents
Formulating solvents (thinners) Marketing solvents

2. The Import Unit
Importing chemical raw materials
Marketing imported chemical goods to local markets

3. The Foreign Trade Auxiliary Unit Working as commission agent for firms overseas - liaising foreign companies
specializing in chemical manufacturing and exporting

Who our Customers are:

  • The coating industries
  • Furniture industries
  • Automotive industries
  • Printing industries
  • Leather industries
  • Chemical-based producing factories
  • Others in this realm

Why TNT Chemie is the right Choice:

  • We have Taylor-made solutions for your problems
  • We are experienced chemists and good at making customer-need-oriented products- we are unique for the art
  • We are fast-responding to your problems and requests
  • We are positively flexible
  • We can give advice apt to chemical professionals - combining European and Ethiopian experiences
  • We have close cooperation with sophisticated analytical laboratory
  • You avoid problems coming with the hygienically and economically harmful and sometimes fatal ingredients inherent in the usually recycled imported solvents - we tailor fresh hygienically and economically safe organic solvents (traditionally referred to as 'DULANTIN')

If you need only our products or additional services you really get them with fair prices.

Visit to find out more about this company and other 5,000 business.
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