YMX Trading Plc

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LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryFlooring
YMX Trading Plc

YMX Trading Plc is an Ethiopian private limited company owned by individuals with extensive industrial construction experience and knowledge. It specializes in the trading of waterproofing chemicals and the supply of construction materials.

As part of our country’s overall strategies and policies that aim at developing opportunities in high-potential markets, YMX Trading Plc was established in 2014.

Previously, the company was established to focus on all kinds of trading activities, but nowadays we specialize in trading waterproofing chemicals and supplying construction materials. Apart from this, we are highly engaged in waterproofing services. Customized products and services based on your requirements and a cost-effective and efficient approach to providing service are what we are about.

The company is the result of the union of YMX Trading Company's experience and expertise, and it operates nationwide with a track record of goodwill in the industrial field. 


"To be the leader and a nation-wide recognized company in providing and repairing waterproofing solutions by 2020 E.C."


To provide our customers with the highest service and quality, on-time and on-budget delivery free of defects that enhances and sustains the value of our company’s property. Achieving profitable growth and operational and organizational excellence without compromising our values and business ethics to empower employees through professional development and inspire them with clear opportunities to share in the growth of the company.

Core Values

  • Integrity: The courage to distinguish right from wrong without compromising.
  • Reliability: The ability to deliver on what we promise, without exception.
  • Accountability: The strength to be responsible for our actions and decisions.
  • Commitment: The positive spirit that drives energies to achieve extraordinary results.

Our products and services


  • Substructure water proofing
  • Total roof system installation with insulation
  • Roofing and terrace water proofing
  • Metal roof
  • Wet area sub-surface drainage system installation
  • Water tanks and septic tanks
  • Swilling pools-deck slabs
  • Expansion joints-waste water plan


  • Accelerator
  • Retarder
  • Other various construction chemical solutions.

Epoxy flooring

  • Paint
  • Self-level
  • Bonding agents
  • Geotextile

Capacity and capabilities

  • We have double shift well qualified and skilled employees, most of them have got more than 15 years work experience in the construction sector.
  • We cover a huge waterproofing service area in a short period of time with a predetermined quality level.
  • We are highly equipped with all required waterproofing equipment and chemicals.
  • We have the capacity to import and deliver waterproofing equipment and products anywhere in the country.

Our strategies and competitive edge

Our strategy focuses on innovative means to attain a competitive edge in our products and services by working towards a high level of waterproofing service quality and the company’s relationship with all stakeholders. Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of business in our industry. At all times, we strive for solutions that best achieve our clients' needs and goals. Our staff’s ability and commitment to finding these solutions are what distinguish us.

No compromises are made regarding the safety of our workers or the area in which we are providing a service to our clients.

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