Kidus Granite and Marble

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LocationBole around Japan Embassy, Bole around Welo sefer, Ashewa meda And CMC Ayat menoriya sefer, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryMarble and Granite
Kidus Granite and Marble

Kidus Granite & Marble: established in 2012, Kidus Granite & Marbleis a highly experienced and detail oriented Ethiopian based company. We began working in Addis Ababa bole road area, then expanding our territory throughout Addis Ababa. We have built a reputation for excellence in quality, customer services and reliability.

Kidus Granite & Marble Designs offers a wide scope of work in a variety of granite and marble stones for any area of the home, inside and out. We have been honored to display our work in many beautiful homes.

Our Mission

To give quality granite & marble to customers.

Our Vision

To be a leading granite & marble manufacturer in Ethiopia.

Product Description

Granite is a light color igneous rock derived its name from the Latin word "granum" which refers its grains large enough to be visible the unaided eye. Granite is volcanic origin that is once molten and cooled deep in the earth and is mainly composed of quartz and feldspar which give it a high rang of hardness. It is very resistance to high wear, with superior abrasion resistance & compressive strength.

Our product type and size

    •     Standard size tiles of 2cm thickness for flooring: 60x60, 50x50, 40x40, 30x30, 60x30, 50x25, 40x20cm.
    •     Standard size tiles of 1 and 1.5cm thickness for internal and external wall cladding: 60x30, 50x25, 40x20, and 30x30.
    •    Standard size of stripes for door and window seals, stair cases, coping of 2 and 3cm thickness: Length from 110cm up to 160cm,  width from 27 up to 35cm
    •     Single and double layer terrazzo tiles of 25x25 and 40x40cm.

Exchange Rates

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CHF 28.5234  27.9641 
CAD 20.2125  19.8162 
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