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Rehabilitation and Development Organization (RaDO) invites bidders for the supply of medical equipment, medicines and related materials, rehabilitation equipment, wheelchairs appliances and orthopedic shoes

Bidding closing dateSeven calendar days from the first day of announcement at 5:30 pm
Bids opening date8th date from announcement up to 9:30 AM

የአማራ ፓይፕ ፋብሪካ ኃላ/ የተ/የግል ኩባንያ ምርት እና ተረፈ ምርቶች (scraps) በግልጽ ጨረታ አወዳድሮ ለመሸጥ ይፈልጋል

Bidding closing dateበ16ኛው ተከታታይ ቀን ከቀኑ 8፡00 ሰዓት
Bids opening dateበ16ኛው ተከታታይ ቀን ከቀኑ 8፡30 ሰዓት

ሞሐ የለስላሳ መጠጦች ኢንዱስትሪ አ.ማ 50 ኪ/ግ የሚይዝ ማዳበሪያ ጆንያዎች እና ባለ 15 ሊትር ጀሪካን በጨረታ አወዳድሮ ለመሸጥ ይፈልጋል

Bidding closing dateበ15ኛዉ ተከታታይ ቀን 10፡00 ሰዓት
Bids opening dateበ16ኛዉ ተከታታይ ቀን 4፡00 ሰዓት

Exchange Rates

Selling Buying
USD US 23.2852  22.8286 
GBP UK 29.8167  29.2252 
EUR EU 25.0222  24.5293 
CHF CHE 23.3904  22.9226 
CAD CA 17.2713  16.9264 
AED UAE 6.3402  6.2142