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Save the Children (SCI) hereby invites bidders for the construction of deep well drilling

Bidding closing dateAug 10, 2017 11:40 AM
Bids opening dateAug 15, 2017 02:30 PM

በተለያዩ መ/ቤቶ የግንባታና ግንባታ ነክ፣ የልዩ ልዩ፣ ግዢ፣ የሙያ አገልግሎትና፣ ሽያጭ ጨረታዎች

Bidding closing dateመዝጊያ እና መክፈቻ ቀን እና ሰዓት የተለያየ ነዉ
Bids opening dateመዝጊያ እና መክፈቻ ቀን እና ሰዓት የተለያየ ነዉ

Hawassa Town Water Supply and sewerage service Enterprise needs to contract valve chamber, Warehouse & Vehicle service-buildings and all of the funds to cover eligible payments under the Contract of Civil work construction

Bidding closing date10:30 am on 30th day
Bids opening date2:30 am on 30th day. If the 30th day is a holly day/weekend then the bid delivery & opening date will be on the coming working day

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EUR EU 27.2616  26.7271 
GBP UK 30.8037  30.1997 
CAD CA 18.7523  18.3846 
AED UAE 6.433  6.3069