Ethiopia: the 6th Hotel Show Africa Launched in Addis Ababa

The 6th hotel show Africa was inaugurated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Thursday. The hotel show is aimed at connecting domestic and global travel market players and hotel operators.

According to Kumneger Teketel, founder and managing director of Ozzie Business and Management, over 120 domestic and global firms are are participating in the show. He said, “Such events are paramount in promoting the country’s hospitality business and in helping domestic actors draw international experiences.” He added that many efforts had been undertaken in order to address the defects of the tourism industry as well as the country’s international marketing systems. “We have seen encouraging outcomes which enhanced the overall local industry capacity by introducing latest international marketing activities, new business procedures and trends, thereby equipping local tourism industry players with diverse and sustainable international tourist market base,” he said.

A participant named Daniel G/Mariyam said the event helped his company to learn hospitality business practices. He also said the event had created an opportunity for his company to increase customers.

The show will be concluded on Sunday.
Source: The Ethiopian Herald

Exchange Rates

USD 27.9867  27.4379 
EUR 31.8348  31.2106 
GBP 35.5655  34.8681 
CAD 21.3070  20.8892 
AED 7.6185  7.4691