Ethiopian Government Ready to Implement an Electronic Procurement System

The Ethiopian government is prepared to commence an Electronic Government Procurement (EGP) system to increase the effectiveness of public procurement procedures.

As Tsegaye Abebe, Procurement Coordinator and Training Advisor with Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency, explained, the system is expected to increase operational efficiency, transparency, and competition between bidders. It will also enable institutions to increase efficiency through automation of manual processes.

Dr. Abiyot Bayou, E-Government Directorate Director at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, believes the technological change could avoid repeated procurement processes. The transmission of manual activities to a computerized system could help bidders access detailed information and observe a transparent evaluation, he explained. Dr. Abiyot also said, ”The system eliminates time barriers and simplify taxation processes.”

Since Feasibility study has been performed and the process of changing the manual system to electronic has been completed, a pilot test will be implemented in 2019. Although the system is expected to produce a multifaceted solution, the director is apprehensive about infrastructural constraints and readiness of suppliers & bidders to utilize the system.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald

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