Ethiopia: Local Chinese Company Starts Exporting Its Products

Di Yuan Ceramics Plc. made its first export from Ethiopia to Somaliland on May 08, 2018 selling 4,000 square meters of ceramic fields.

According to the company’s Sales Manager, William Wieng, the effective marketing chain the company built led to a USD 1 million worth ceramic order from four African countries-Somaliland, Kenya, Djibouti and Sudan. 

Di Yuan Ceramics Plc. was established by two shareholders Rongguang Group and Hong Kong Huazheng Enterprise Limited with total capital of 50 million US dollars. Located in Dukem,Ethiopia, the company has been producing floor and wall ceramic products for the past two years.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald

Exchange Rates

Selling Buying
USD US 27.9814  27.4327 
EUR EU 31.6609  31.0401 
GBP UK 35.514  34.8176 
CAD CA 21.3517  20.933 
AED UAE 7.6171  7.4677