Ethiopia Earned USD 2.1 Billion From Export in 3 Quarters

Ethiopia earned USD 2.1 billion USD from exported products against the estimated 3.66 billion USD. According to Wondimu Flate, PR Head at the Ministry of Trade, a 1.58 billion USD deficiency was observed during the first three quarters of the current fiscal year.

Contraband trade is the major cause that restricted the export trade to 56.9% of the planned target. Oilseeds, tea, khat, and electricity have achieved over 75% of the planned target while performance – over 75 percent of the plan set for each commodity in terms of revenue earning. However, chemical, construction inputs, veterinary medicine, textile, spices, gold, livestock, and footwear and honey products performed less achieving than 50% of the set target.

Ethiopia exported products to China, Somalia, USA, Saudi Arabia and Netherlands during this period.

Source: ENA

Exchange Rates

Selling Buying
USD US 27.9814  27.4327 
EUR EU 31.6609  31.0401 
GBP UK 35.514  34.8176 
CAD CA 21.3517  20.933 
AED UAE 7.6171  7.4677