Ethiopia: ERA Attained 97 Percent of Its Target

Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) disclosed it has managed to attain 97 percent of plan it has set at the beginning of the last fiscal year. The attained tasks are road construction, upgrading and maintenance activities.

Commenting on the matter Samson Wondimu, Communication Director at ERA, said 20,633 kilometers of road was constructed, upgraded and maintained. The plan on the other hand was to construct, upgrade and maintain a total of 21,339 kilometers of road.

The government allocated 35 billion Birr for construction, upgrade and maintenance of road, Samson explained. ERA spent 32.3 billion Birr for the road projects, he added.

During the fiscal year 17 new road projects built at an outlay of 14 billion Birr were opened for traffic, Samson explained.

Out of the entire 14 road projects given for contractors last fiscal year, 13 were given for local contractors, the director explained.

The performance by local companies showed progress, said Samson. New local construction companies’ participation in huge road projects is increasing through time, he underlined.

According to Walta Information Center, ERA has come up with a new supervision system to follow up the monthly performance of road contractors and consultants.

Source: Walta Information Center

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