Ethiopia Imported 3.3 Million Tons of Petroleum Products

Ethiopia imported 3.3 million tons of petroleum products in the just ended fiscal year. The products were procured by Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE).

When compared to 2015/2016 fiscal year, last year’s import exceeds the preceding year by 10 percent. The cost is also 7 billion Birr higher than 2015/2016 fiscal year’s cost, which was 30 billion Birr.

The petroleum products were procured through Djibouti and Sudan ports. Once the products are imported by EPSE, the sole importer in the market, it was distributed to 17 oil companies.

The main suppliers of fuel to the Ethiopian market are the Sudanese Petroleum Corporation and KPG from Kuwait.

In addition to this, EPSE bought 1.2 billion Birr worth coal last fiscal year. The coal is for the cement production and metal processing factories.

Source: Fortune

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