Ethiopia: Meter Taxis to Face New Disciplinary Measures

New directive has been issued by Addis Ababa Transport Authority (AATA) that stipulates disciplinary measures to be taken on transport service providers. The disciplinary measure is said to be taking place starting from this month and will be applicable to minibuses, meter taxis, and Higer, Anbesa, Sheger and Alliance buses.

The directive is said to have set out specific disciplinary measures for drivers, owners and their associations.

According to Fortune, the directive states the following measures for meter taxis: 300 Birr for refusing to issue a receipt; 500 Birr for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol; 1000 Birr for charging beyond the tariff and 2000 Birr for disabling the digital meter. If the taxi driver starts a nuisance by fighting with the regulators the disciplinary measure is stipulated to be 5000 Birr and suspension for 6 months.

Source: Fortune

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