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Primary CategoryWater Well Drilling & Mineral Exploration
Zekalay General Trading PLC

Zekalay General Trading PLC is a category I Contractor in Ethiopia in water well drilling works with a business license number WWDC/01/55. Its registered business is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and is largely engaged in water well drilling & construction works, merchandize, rental of heavy machineries, conducting pump test, establishing water systems (including reservoirs and pipe line extensions) and the supply & installation of submersible pumps and generators.

 The Company have taken a major business shift as of 2003 E.C. fiscal year, by increasing the working capital of the Zekalay Drillingcompany and introduction of new business lines. The shareholder’s big leap in taking such bold action in a short period of time was attributed to three major reasons:

  • The performance of the company for the previous two years and impressive capability and ambitious plan of the top management was very promising enough to buy the confidence of the shareholders;
  • The fact Zekalay was engaging itself in the water well drilling and rental of heavy machineries sector. For such purpose, it had imported two drilling Rigs with a capacity to drill up to 360 m, four Sino dump trucks, Four Pickups and two ISUZUs.
  • Recently Zekalay has imported the third deep drilling Rig capable of drilling up to 500 meters , 35 Bar Atlas Copco brand portable Compressor, 14 tons lifting Crane mounting Truck, Two Pickups, one ISUZU and bulk accessories and spare parts.

The company’s ambition to add more business streams besides enhancing the capacity of the already existing business lines. These short and long term plans of the company include its involvement in the export sector, retail business and the construction of its own Headquarter office building. Currently our Company is conducting researches and preparations to engage itself in the export sector, which goes in line with the plans of the Government in enhancing the hard currency reserve of the Country from the export of agricultural and semi processed products.

The shareholders, the Top Management and the rest staff members have accumulated tremendous experience in Civil Engineering and Construction Management, Shipping and Logistic Cargo Management, Law and IT specialties. They are dedicated to transfer their rich expertise knowledge, and application of advanced technology, which derives the realization of the company’s objective.


“Rendering the best water well drilling service using the most efficient and advanced drilling machines and deploying the best talented and competent staff for the fulfillment of the ever increasing potable water demand of the country"

The philosophy that runs the company towards achieving its vision is achieving excellence in quality, efficiency and delivery of the different types of services it provides in the water related areas. What motivates the Management and staff of the company is the satisfaction of its consumers who are in need of potable water for their daily lives. 

This is the main reason why, in most of our endeavors, our drilling works are conducted in the very remote and deep rural areas and communities of the country. To this end, Zekalay General Trading Plc strongly believes in providing sustainable quality services in water well drilling of different range (shallow, medium & deep), the supply of water related equipments (including submersible pumps, generators, steel & Upvc casings, hand pumps and others), and the supply & installation of water supply systems.

It is from this believe that its great ambition to play its role in fulfilling the water needs of agricultural farmers by providing cost effective solutions with modern and economical water well drilling and construction for irrigation and water supply facilities emanates from. This is what drives the company towards responding to the existing shortage of water supply coverage on the rural areas of the country with reasonable cost and best technology & reliable work.

For such purpose, we have deployed two medium range drilling rigs with a capacity to drill up to 360 meters and one deep drilling machine with a capacity that can drill beyond 500 meters.
To facilitate the execution efficiency of our drilling works, we have deployed 15 vehicles of different capacity including single & double pickups, Isuzu and dump trucks. The supply of water related equipments to our local governmental and private organizations is where Zekalay is heavily involved in.

For the realization of its vision, the company has drafted its strategic plan for the short and long term. In the coming five years alone, the company intends to purchase and deploy three drilling rigs that can drill beyond 1000m in depth and is laying the very necessary foundations for the efficient, coordinated and well managed system that can provide the best possible service to its customers.


Even though Ethiopia is endowed with abundant surface and sub-surface water resource that can serve not only of its population but also that can support that of the region at large, such has not been the case until now due to many negative contributing factors. It is with this intention that the government has undertaken massive construction undertakings of water for energy and irrigation (agriculture) including the Renaissance Dam, which is built on the Nile Basin with expected generating capacity of 6,000 MW. Besides the energy aspect, the country still faces shortage of this necessity of life in its deep rural and sometimes urban heavily populated areas. One of solving out such shortage of potable water is through extracting the sub-surface water that is abundantly available and this is where we come in.
It is with this objective that Zekalay intends to a comprehensive solution for the people of this nation who are in need of water by investing its resources in such activities as groundwater investigation, water well drilling; pump installation for water supply systems and for the construction of water schemes helping for irrigation and water supply facilities.

Therefore, the main objective of the company with respect to the water well drilling and construction is to provide a comprehensive and reliable service in the following areas:-

  • Carry out investigations regarding surface and groundwater potentials using different technics & best available technologies
  • Drilling and Constructions of Deep, Medium and Shallow Water wells by deploying latest drilling machines
  • Rehabilitation of deep and shallow wells
  • Water Pump installation
  • Conduct water quality, chemical, physical and bacteriological analysis
  • Conduct pumping test works
  • Supply submersible pumps & generators, hand pumps, and different sizes of PVC and steel casings
  • Construction of Dams and related civil works
  • To work on other water works and construction related activities

It is with this comprehensive objective Zekalay undertakes to solve the water shortage of the nation for once and for all.


Zekalay General Trading PLC is a multidisciplinary company which provides a full range of services for a wide variety of water well drilling, construction and installation works as stated above. The company intends to diversify the range of its water related services to provide a complete and comprehensive solution to the problems of our time.

The company is finalizing its drafting of its strategic plan for the coming five years and it intends to deploy more than few drilling machines and equipments with a wide range of capacity. The quality of our company’s Rigs and accessories and the technical capability of our staff make the company competitive for drilling of water wells in different depths, diameters and for all types of formations - soft, medium, and hard with all types of rock units and all geologic strata.

Some of the works and services being rendered by the company include:-

  • Water Well Drilling and Construction Works:-In this category the major activities are:
  • Site investigation to select sites for shallow and deep ground water development and also consultancy service for water works;
  • Water well drilling and construction;
  • Bore hole Rehabilitation;
  • Installation of submersible pumps, generators and different types of hand pumps
  • Pump testing; and other activities related to surface and ground water development
  • Merchandize business:-In this category the major activities of the company include:
  • Supply of Upvc & steel casings of different diameter;
  • Supply of submersible pumps and generators of different capacity;
  • Supply of hand pumps including Afridev, Indian Mark II, extra and extra deep hand pumps; and
  • Other water related materials and equipments



Zekalay has its Head Office, warehouse and sales branch office in different districts of the city in assure Zekalay has its Head Office, warehouse and sales branch office in different districts of the city in assuring the easy accessibility of its services to its esteemed customers. To meet all the water well drilling and water construction needs of our clients, our company has purchased the basic equipments and has hired the required staff in order to outstandingly attain the needs of our clients at all levels.

Even though drilling process is highly dependent on the quality and performance of the Drilling Rigs and its accessories (currently the company owns two latest mounted Rigs & their full accessories and a third to arrive soon) for the drilling of shallow and deep water wells of different diameters by using both DTH (air rotary) and MUD drilling method, what differentiates our company from its local competitors is its deployment of well experienced and disciplined drilling crews who have accumulated vast experience with the technicality of such drilling machines.


ZEKALAY GENERAL TRADING PLC has the capability of support trucks and machinery for the fast and efficient way of performing the works under signed. For this purpose, we’ve equipped our crew with the materials -equipments and machineries.
Currently the company owns four Sino Dump Trucks. The availability of such dump trucks has so far benefited our company in timely delivering the necessary raw materials which are inevitable to the drilling and construction works of the water wells including (but not limited to) the supply of gravel, cement, sand, water, fuel etc… thereby enhancing our efficiency and work rate. In addition to this, Zekalay owns four Toyota Pick-ups and two Isuzu vehicles. In addition to those vehicles, Zekalay already imported a crane mounted with a capacity that can lift up to 14 tones.



Managerial staff of ZGT Plc has four broad divisions/departments framed in an inter-related manner so as to support each other. These divisions are Planning & Commercial, Operation, General Services & Marketing and Finance & Administration. All the four divisions are controlled and managed under the authority of the General Manager.
While the Managers of all the departments are responsible to the General Manager, the latter is responsible to the General Assembly of the shareholders. Those departments are run by experienced, well qualified and competent Managers with a task to achieve the strategic objectives and goals of the company.


The company currently has three complete teams incorporating within themselves three divisions with respective responsibilities. The Drilling, Construction & Installation and Administration Divisions contribute their own share to the efficient and collaborative work of each crew. The teams have incorporated experts in water well drilling sector including senior Hydro geologist, Superintendents, Chief Drillers, Chief Mechanics, Electricians, Hand Pump Technicians, Field Administrators and others.


Project Name

Name of Client

Drilling and Pumping test of One Deep Well

SNNPR Pastoralist Affairs

Drilling, Construction & Pump Testing of Three Deep & Three Shallow water wells in Borona Zone Oromia Regional State

Action for Development

Drilling, Construction & Installation of 10 Shallow Wells in Sidama Zone of SNNPR

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Drilling, Construction & Installation of 18 shallow Wells Tigray Regional State

Tekeze Deep Water Wells Drilling PLC

Drilling, Construction & Installation of 105 Shallow Water Wells in Gambella Regional State

Gambella Regional State Water & Energy Resources Development Bureau

Drilling & pumping test of 11 Deep wells in West Hararge & West Wollega Zones of Oromia Regional State

Oromia Regional State Water, Mineral and Energy Bureau

Drilling & pumping test of 6 Deep wells in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State

Benishangul Gumuz Water, Mine & Energy Resources Bureau

Drilling and Construction of 15 shallow wells in Mereb-leke Woreda

The Government of National Regional State of Tigray Water Resources Development Bureau

Drilling, Construction and installation of 11 shallow, three deep water wells in South Omo Zone

Action for Development and Agri - service Ethiopia

Drilling, Construction and installation of 50 shallow wells and one deep borehole

Benishangul Gumuz Regional State Metekel Zone Water, Mine and Energy Resource Development Department

Drilling & construction of 20 shallow wells in Oda Bulidigilu & Sirba Abay Woredas

Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State Water, Mine and Energy Resource Development Bureau

Drilling and Construction of 24 Shallow Water Wells in Benishangul Region

Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State Water, Mine and Energy Resource Development Bureau

Drilling, Construction and installation of 11 shallow wells

SNNP Regional State Gurage Zone Water, Mine & Energy Department

Drilling and Construction of 39  Shallow Water Wells

Gambella Peoples National Regional State Water & Energy Resources Development Bureau

Drilling and Construction of  one Deep Water Well

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Drilling and Construction of 11  Deep Water Wells  

Dire Dawa Administration  Water, Mine and Energy Bureau

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