Walia Steel Industry PLC

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LocationAlem Gena, on the road to Butajira, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategorySteel Products
Walia Steel Industry PLC

Walia steel industry PLC is the biggest producer of LTZ profiled steel, reinforcement bar(Rebar), hollow sections, and sheet metals in Ethiopia. Walia steel industry PLC ia an Ethiopian company established in 2006 in Ethiopia  at Alemgena town with the objectives of manufacturing & marketing steel products. The industry is built on total area of 64,000 square meters. The company has acquired an additional area of 100,000 sq.m  for the expansion project. We need joint venture for our expansion project.

Walia Steel Industry P.L.C is engaged in the production of:

  1. LTZ profiled steel  
  2. Reinforcement bar
  3. Different sizes of hollow sections (RHS, SHS, and CHS) and  
  4. Sheet metals.  
  5. Corrugated Sheet & EGA sheet for roofing and wall

The company always seeks to expand its operation and is open to joint venture opportunities with foreign firms in Ethiopia and abroad.



Walia Steel Industry is committed to become a leading player in steel industry in the East Africa, with a world class manufacturing excellence.


Walia Steel Industry is dedicated to produce and supply over 100,000 MT/ high quality steel products, achieve customer satisfaction, and meet shareholders’ interest through state-of-the-art production technology by engaging highly motivated, skilled, and productive employees.

This mission can be accomplished by:  

  • Providing high quality and cost effective steel production facilities and supplies to fulfill current & future demand.
  • Establishing partnerships with other public and private entities.
  • Enhancing technology transfer through collaboration with foreign companies and international employee exchange.
  • Meeting expectation and needs of customers.
  • Motivating employees through skill upgrading and reward system.
  • Introducing and implementing quality management system and working for continuous improvement.
  • Actively seeking resources required to function effectively.
  • Establishing a reliable distribution channel to provide sufficient sales outlet.
  • Involvement in community development programs.


In order to achieve the stated mission, WSI works for:    

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Dedication to high quality manufacturing product
  • Strong cooperation with local and international firms
  • Employee empowerment, participation, and team work
  • Professional ethics and hard work
  • Social responsiveness
  • Innovation
  • Contribution to the national economic development

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