Ningbo MH Industry Co. Ltd

Phone +86 57 427766637
Phone 2 Ethiopia:+251 92 3072083
Fax +86 57 427766655
Mobile +86 13 957421008
Mobile 2 +86 13 566349568
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Kebele NA
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Business Type Private
LocationMH Bldg. #616-618 2F Jiangdong South Road, Ningbo, China
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Ningbo MH Industry Co. Ltd

Ningbo MH Industry Co. Ltd is manufacturer and supplier of tailor's materials, fabric, commodities, etc to the Ethiopian market.

Contact persons for Ethiopia:
Mr. Gary (Contact in Ethiopia): 0923072083
Mr. Derek Zhu: Mobile: +86 13957421008
Ms. Becca Liu: Mobile: +86 13566349568

It was established in 1999; today MH has a strong sales team working with over 2000 customers worlwide. Normally there are 400 containers shipped from warehouse to hundreds of countries each month. Our brands, "MH" and "TWO BIRDS", are well known in the world.

Ningbo MH has three industrial zones, with more than 10 factories of thread factory, lace factory, tape factory, etc with area 100,000 sq.m. and workshops over 70,000 sq.m; there are thousands of workers working here.

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