How to Participate in Non-Government Tenders or EOI's in Ethiopia: Guidelines and Tips

Ethiopia hosts a large number of International Organisations and Missions such as the UN, AU, EU; foreign diplomatic missions; and NGO's such as GIZ, MSF. These organisations and missions float tenders/bids or invite expression of interests (EOI's). The tenders or EOI's can be local or international. Some of them also post their purchase requirements. 2merkato posts tenders/bids/EOI's in Ethiopia from all newspapers, from all regions, direct postings by organizations, exclusive postings, etc; local and international tenders/bids are updated daily. Even though the organisations and missions may differ in their requirements from Government offices, there are some guidelines every vendor should follow. We've written the guidelines below.

    • Vendor Registration
      • A vendor should be registered on the UNGM website if it is to work with organisations in the UN - Other organisations/missions also have some kind of registration systems and the vendor is advised to contact the procurement departments of the respective organisations and register in the system.Registering as a vendor is important because sometimes these organisations may contact a list of suppliers without posting their requirements on public media.
    • Required Documents
      • These documents are necessary
        • Commercial Registration Certificate
        • Renewed business license for the budget year;
        • Taxpayers Identification Number (TIN) Certificate;
        • Value Added Tax Registration Certificate (sometimes your line of business such as Pharmaceutical Business may not require VAT registration);
      • These documents are important
        • Recommendation Letters
        • Proficiency/Competency Certificate
        • A list of references who can testify well about your services/credentials
    • Presentation and Communication

      While responding to an invitation by these organisations to participate in tenders or EOI's and in all other communications, you need to present yourself well.



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